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Product Catalogues

Ideal heat lamp for home appliance, food heating, auto industry, plastic industry etc
IR heating lamps for animal husbandry, bathroom,sauna therapy,food heating
Infrared Therapy lamps for muscle or joint pain healing
LED lamp for therapy
222nm Far-UVC Light Germicidal lamps, harmless light to skin and eyes.
254nm UV-C lamp for air purifying,water sterilization,surface physical disinfection
UV Lamp Electronic Ballast
Stainless steel UV sterilizer for aquaculture, municipal and industrial water treatment.
Insect killers, UVA lamp, Mosquito killer, Pest control lamp; Bug zapper
Infrared Infrared Ceramic Emitter Lamp for reptiles
Solar basking spot bulbs, UVB and UVA lamp, ideal for reptiles.
Lampshades and Lamp Lolders for Infrared Heat Bulbs
Waterproof LED Lamp light for decoration

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