222nm Far UVC light Lamp
SAILING 222nm Far UVC light Lamp

Lamp diameter:15mm/19mm/25mm/32mm/40mm
Input voltage : AC110/220V(50/60 Hz); DC12/24V
Peak wavelength: 222nm

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SAILING 222nm UV excimer lamp:

UV-C light is improved one of the most effective and environmental disinfecting ways . Researchers from Kobe University have found and proved that reparted irradiation of FAR- UVC(200-222nm) ultraviolet radiation with high disinfection power does not cause skin cancer and suggesting its safety on human skin and eyes. So compared with the conventional 254nm/185nm UV-C lamps, FAR-UVC 222nm lamp is possible used in occupied public spaces and give the continuous disinfection at the public gathering places, such as hospital, restaurants, shopping malls, schools, offices etc .

Features :

* Suit for all different application, and more s afer for human beings and animals. 

* Mercury free and environment friendly. 

* High efficient wavelength 

* Faster start, no need preheated time to reach full UV output. 

* Customized models with small MOQ quantity


These are Customized products.

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