About Us

Haining Sailing Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd located in Haining city of China and very close to Shanghai, is a professional manufacturer of Infrared bulbs,Infrared heat lamps and Ultraviolet lamps, UV-C lamps, UV-B lamps . Our factories have more than 15 years in the research, development and applications of these lamps .We have our own R&D department and patents. Equipped with more than 15 years of production technology, knowledge and experience of Infrared heat lamps and UV lamps, as well as our comprehensive suite of these lamps, we are dedicated to provide our customers with quality products and professional service, best solutions for their IR and UV applications to achieve full customer satisfaction. 

Factory implements strict quality control system from raw materials purchasing to the whole production process. All our lamps are approved by CE and RoHS and have been exported to more than 20 countries all over the world, such as America, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, Russia, Denmark, Germany, South Korea,Vietnam, Thailand, Egypt, South Africa etc.

We take time to understand our customers' business so as to provide them with practical and effective solutions; we can also customize lamps and equipment to our customers' OEM specifications. We seek to ensure that our customers understand the products that they are getting from us, and how these products can in turn benefit their business and production. 

We are keeping doing our best to offer our superior products and service ,and warmly welcome every opportunity given to be able to present our ecperience and capabilities. Visit and guidance of old customers and new customers will be welcomed .


MSN: julieqin@live.cn