Pain Relief Infrared Light Therapy Lamp
IR light therapy lamp for physical therapy, home use pain relief Infrared Lamp

* Input Voltage: 110~130V, 220~240V, 50Hz/60Hz.
* Bulb Power: 100W/150W (two power for choosing).
* Red bulb model: R95 whole red, Φ95*125~130mm.
* Bulb base: E26/E27.
* Lamp shell:  High temperature resistant & flame resistant plastic .
* Cable length: 1.6m .
* Color: White.
* Size: 17x12.5x21cm.

Package Info:
Package: 1 lamp in a Gift box.  
Carton size: 40x36x44cm, 12 pieces/carton 
G.W.: 7.5kgs; N. W.: 6kgs

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Portable IR therapy lamp for home physical therapy. 


Benefits IR red light therapy

* Enhanced blood circulation relieves muscular pain 

* Concentrated heat can be applied to where it is needed 


* 90% of energy is transmitted as infrared 

* Instant, accurately controllable radiant heat 

* Special filament design for a concentrated beam 

* High IR-A radiation level for deeper penetration of muscles and veins  


* Providing relief from muscular pain 

* Providing relief from ailments such as rheumatism, lumbago, neuralgia, and colds 

* Stimulating recovery from injury 

* Comfort and cosmetic care

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